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Viansa sits majestically on a low-lying hilltop at the gateway to the Sonoma Valley. The winery’s tile-roofed Tuscan villa is an ideal first or last stop on any wine country itinerary. It is surrounded by olive trees and vineyards overlooking Viansa’s own 112-acre waterfowl preserve, where more than 300 species can be found. The villa—outfitted with hand-painted beams, Italian marble, engaging frescoes, and massive windows and doors designed after an Italian monastery—exudes Tuscan charm.

It is not unusual for wine tourers to spend a couple of hours visiting Viansa because there is so much to do. For one thing, they can take a tour of the notable grounds and villa on any day of the week. Viansa wines continually receive notable medals and accolades, and wine tourers get to see why on the last stop of the tour, upstairs in the Marketplace and tasting room.

The full-service deli features a wide array of imported cheeses, homemade soups, salads, olives, peppers, and fresh fruits—all the makings for a wine country picnic. Viansa’s in-house chef prepares a long list of delicacies from scratch. Viansa’s own Cucina Viansa products, artisan crafts, hand-painted ceramics, and interesting wine gadgets all make distinctive gifts.

The Marketplace boasts artisan crafts, ceramics, wine accessories, and Cucina Viansa products, created and tested by its professional staff.Couples come from across the country to be married at this beautiful destination. Business meetings and other corporate events are also held frequently, with fun team-building exercises such as wine blending. The inspiring views of the wetlands are commented on often. They serve as a major stopover for birds along the Pacific and Viansa hopes to open part of the area for public tours in the future. 

Viansa has also combined a love of food and wine in creating The Tuscan Club. In addition to receiving a package of Viansa wine and food each month, members enjoy savings on Viansa wines, foods, and a number of members-only discounts and invitations. A trip to Viansa is a delectable experience—for the wine, the food, and the Italy lover in everyone.



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Captions: The grand courtyard is open to visitors and used yearround for events. 2. The Marketplace boasts artisan crafts, ceramics, wine accessories, and Cucina Viansa products, created and tested by its professional staff. 3. The underground barrel-aging cellar

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