Argyle Wineries

Dundee, OR

Winemaker Rollin Soles of Argyle Winery has been producing fine wines and earning high praise and customer interest from critics and enthusiasts for more than 20 years. He is the only Oregon winemaker to be ranked seven times among the Top 100 Wines of the World by Wine Spectator. Having honed his skills at some of the world’s finest wineries in California, Australia, and Switzerland, his personal dedication to winemaking is evident by the multiple wine scores and reviews he has received from the industry media.

Looking for a location in America’s coolest latitudes, Rollin and partner Brian Croser settled on Oregon’s Willamette Valley because of its ideal climate for late season ripened Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Since 1987 Argyle Winery has produced method champenoise Sparkling Wine, barrel fermented Chardonnay, and silky-textured Pinot Noir from low-yielding vines on its 500 acres of farmed hillside slopes.

Argyle farms three vineyards. Its prime vineyard source is Knudsen, farmed since 1987 on 120 acres located in the red hills of Dundee. Half of the vineyard was planted in the early ’70s, yielding wines with ripe fruit flavors and earthy, spicy, old-vine character. The “younger” half features state-of-the-art viticulture, Old World clones planted in high-density blocks on warm sites producing Knudsen’s finest sparkling wine fruit.

Lone Star Vineyard, because of its low elevation, is perfect for the two forces crucial for ripening grapes. The vines absorb the sun’s heat and light turning barren vines into fruit-laden miracles of Pinot Noir flavor. Stoller Vineyard with its full southern exposure and red colored Jory soil turns out some of Oregon’s finest Pinots as well.
Argyle’s tasting room is located in the old “haunted” Dundee City Hall. Local lore has it that a ghost still roams the building. Perhaps this is a wine tourer who just can’t get enough.

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