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Test your wine knowledge with The Ultimate Wine Quiz.

  1. What does the term Chai mean?
  2. A type of wood chip that has been seasoned and placed in fermenting wine that creates a spicy finish to the aging wine.
    A test that is done in a wine lab to check for possible bacteria in wine.
    French term used mostly in Bordeaux for a place where wine is stored in barrels.
    A special tool that is used in the vineyards to cut the grape cluster off the vine.
  3. Which is not a California AVA (American Viticulture Area) or appellation?
  4. Carneros
    Clear Lake
    Eden Valley
    Russian River
  5. Which of the following is not a grape varietal of Bordeaux, France?
  6. Carmenere
    Petit Verdot
  7. Which is not a wine region of South Africa?
  8. Paarl
    Hawkes Bay
  9. What do the term legs or tears mean when analyzing a glass of wine?
  10. The wine may have a high alcohol content
    The wine may have a very high amount of residual sugar
    The wine may be corked or flawed
    The wine may be full bodied

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