Travel Disclosures

Drinking Responsibly
Wine Tours of the World promotes responsible drinking of alcoholic beverages. Do not drink and drive. Do not drink if you are under 21 years of age.  Click here for more information on "Responsible Drinking".

Health/Medical/Disability Issues

Passengers will be responsible for informing Wine Tours of the World of any physical or medical problems that will affect any travel arrangements made by our Company so that we can adequately provide suitable accommodations.  It is within our right to cancel or refuse a booking if we reasonably determine that the travel plans are inappropriate for the traveler with a health, medical problem or a disability that hinders them from taking the trip.  If a passenger does not disclose their medical condition after the reservations have been made, the passenger may be subject to penalties imposed by any of our suppliers.  We will do everything possible to find hotels, wineries, and transportation that is conducive to disabled travelers.  All passengers with disabilities must travel with an assistant to help them at all times.  Cost for any assistants or specialized transportation will be at the expense of the traveler.  

The Disability Act requires public buildings to provide handicap accessibility which will allow any wheelchairs in public areas.  Wineries will have access to their wine tasting rooms, but may have some limitations to their vineyards, outbuildings or caves.   

Most of the cities and towns you will be visiting were built hundreds of years ago without regard for the modern conveniences and disability laws we enjoy in the United States.  The city and towns have quaint, narrow, cobblestone streets, unaccustomed to motorized transportation.   To preserve their antiquity, many cities and old towns are pedestrian-only and may not be conveniently accessible for guest with mobility impairments.    Similarly, there will be buildings, museums, monuments, etc. that do not have elevators which make stair climbing a necessity.  In addition, there are very few cities that have installed handicap accessible restrooms.  Passengers must be able to walk anywhere from 0.5 miles to over 3 miles over uneven and cobblestone surfaces, inclines and stairs.

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