Passport Information

Traveling Outside the United States

 A U.S. Citizen must have a valid passport to enter any other country in the world, excluding U.S. territories i.e. Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam.   To apply or renew a Passport, please refer to the following website for an application or a Passport office in your area:

In addition to a valid Passport required by the United States Government, each Country has their own entry requirements.  When booking with Wine Tours of the World, we will provide you with the necessary information such as whether the country will require a travel visa, how long your passport must be valid beyond your stay, etc.  This is one of the benefits to working with our Company.  Our professional reservationists understand the importance of  proper documentation and will assist you with all necessary travel documentation.

We also provide other extremely important information when you receive your travel documents, such as:

• Required vaccines
• International Check-in and Baggage Handling instructions
• Airport Security regulations
• Avoiding Jet Lag
• International Customs Rules and Regulations
• Electricity adaptors
• Climate/Clothing Suggestions
• Time Zones
• Currency information
• Banking
• Using the Telephone
• Vat Taxes
• Tipping
• Hours of Operation
• Safety Issues
• Health care issues

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